XF 2.2 Something is wrong with cron-jobs!


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I have a test-forum on my laptop. There i have several cronjobs running, but also i have deactived the test for files-health.
Since one or two versions of xf, i get messages that my files are not ok. (Shure, i dont refresh the hash-file while working on an addon).
Today i tried to stop a special cron, but it is still running.

Long story in bad english, short words:

There is something wrong with deactivating cron-jobs.
I have checked this on another clean forum! I have not xdebugged anything.

Maybe you just try to deactivate your files-health-check and maybe see if it still runs, please?

Chris D

XenForo developer
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The cron doesn't run if it is disabled. Though it may still run file check triggered by other actions such as uninstalling an add-on or if you run it manually.