XF 2.2 Some Users not able to access site

I’m getting reports from some users on Facebook that my website won’t load for them. Chrome is saying “malware” and other things . Others say it’s working for them fine as it is for me. I have the host running a malware scan. Anyone else experienced this?


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It seems to be chrome users here is what my host said . There is something definitely going on . Any more input ?

The scan completed and found no malware. I have also tested your site on systems running Malwarebytes, Norton anti-virus, and Avast with Chrome browser and we saw no alerts, warnings, or popups while surfing around your site.
I guess see if you can get a screenshot of the warning/error from a user with the issue and I'll keep investigating.
Thank you!
I used Firefox, not sure if it helps. But maybe me not being able to access the site has nothing to do with the problem you have. I know some US sites block visits from Europe because of the whole GDPR thing. So maybe I am blocked by your site because of that and you have another issue with Chrome users.
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