XF 1.4 Facebook Integration test passing but existing users not able to login through Facebook


I completed the integration according to the instructions and the test worked fine.I even created a test user and logged in using facebook and it went fine.

But when existing users tried to login through facebook they r getting the error "Developer has not done the setup properly"

Any ideas why this may be so?

FYI the registration is disabled for this forum:http://www.websavvy.com.au/members


XenForo developer
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I don't get the error you said. I do get "New registrations are currently not being accepted." which is expected if you've disabled registrations.

On a side note, you shouldn't have debug mode active on a production install.


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According to the error text in the first screenshot you have registration disabled.
You will need to enable that in the ACP.

In addition, existing users will need to associate their forum account with their Facebook account before they can log in via FB.