Add-on Some stuff I need.

Greetings to all! I asked about this in the Requests thread a couple of weeks ago, with no luck. Since I am looking for more than one item, I thought I would throw the things I am looking for out there to see if someone can craft them for me and how much that would be. I've done a lot of searching through resources with no luck. As I understand it, some of what I need are BBCode add-ons?

• A better color picker than the one offered with XenForo, more like what Google does here. The grid of colors in the straight XenForo software is too limiting.

• The ability to have staff and donators have different name colors, both on the boards and (if possible) Siropu's Chat.

• The ability to rename URLs as opposed to just having the link alone.

• Captioning for images.

Can anyone help, or point me to resources if they exist? I will fully allow that I might be missing some stuff.

Before we get started, I do need to share with you that I really can't afford a lot for this. The last people I spoke with wanted a minimum of $600 US to create something purpose-built, or $80 per hour for two to three hours to show me how to do it myself using CSS and JavaScript. I am an author, so I do want to pay people what they are worth; I am not at all faulting this company for asking for that. But my unfortunate truth is that I can't afford more than what I would pay for a resource already on offer. My most expensive add-on has been XenGallery.

If you think you can still help, I would be ecstatic. I would absolutely not fault you if you cannot. :)