Lack of interest Some sort of confirmation when saving options


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On any of those, when you click on the Save Changes button, both that and the Cancel button grey out until the options are saved.


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Ah, okay.

In that case, the page automatically refreshing is an indicator that the options were saved.

Edit: What Martok said as well.

Jake B.

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The buttons graying out aren't really all that noticeable, and the page reloading is barely noticeable with a good internet connection. Really just needs a data-redirect="On" and a responseRedirect message so you get the alert that every other form has.

Jake B.

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There are two places you can tell: the page itself and the favicon changing to a loading icon on the browser tab.
When it's a nearly instantaneous page load this is not something that is noticeable unless you're looking for it. I know it saves when I click save, I don't personally need a notice but I've had a few people for some reason complain in tickets to us that the form isn't saving (even though it is) because they don't see that notice that is on every other form in XenForo.