Some Questions


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I am interested with xenforo to replace my vb 4.x
  1. will passwords be lost on import? this has been listed on pre sales faq, but i can't see the answer there, does vb4 have compatible password system?
  2. now i use sphinx search from digitalpoint, and on elasticsearch here i read that it uses more RAM but faster. with the resource decrease from switching vb to xenforo, and resource increase from sphinx to elasticsearch, what do you think with overall resource increase / decrease.
  3. what core features that exist on vb 4.x but don't exist on xenforo?
  4. how easy it is to create an addon on xenforo?
thank you.


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1. Yes

2. Never used either.

3. vBulletin 4 and XenForo both have diverse sets of features. You should try out the demos.

4. It depends, there is a learning curve but a solid framework.