Some questions


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I installed Enhanced search.
When rebuild index, should I before that delete old index ?

If answer is yes, where to do that?
With option in Tools=>ElasticSearch setup
or in Tools=> Rebuild caches => Rebuild Search Index =>Delete the index before rebuilding

For option Elasticsearch Index Name, should be allways the same even if I going to rebuild search index or I have to change before every rebuild?

Option Search Minimum Word Length is for mysql only? Should I change that to 2 or 3 or by default no matter what number is set there, I can search even 2 letters with Enhanced search installed and enabled? Or somewhere I have to setup minimum letters for enhanced search?


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You can select the option to delete it before rebuilding.

You don't need to change any of the settings or names when rebuilding.

There are no configuration options for ES with regards to minimum word length, etc.