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XF 1.4 Some questions. Please help

Hello members.

Thank you for reading this. I have couple things I would love someone to explain me.

The first thing about Description under forum title!

You see, here is an example from one forum built with Vbulletin:
You see that under forum name, you can read description!

One of XenForo forums:
You see that description shows up in pop-up message only when you drive mouse on forum title.
I was looking for how to edit these settings, but cannot find anything at all. Tried different ways.
Some advice please ? Where to look. I have default xenforo style.

The second thing:
You see this simbol here? ( permalink )

When You click on it you got this:

Nice ways to share the post in social media!
How to make those buttons or that permalink simbol to stand out more? Soo they could be seen better.
Something like that: !!

You get the picture!

Sorry for my noob questions, and really really big BIG thanks to those who have some advice and explain how things can be done! I tried to be detailed as much as I can!

Take care guys, and thanks one more time!