Some presales questions...


Hi all, evaluating Xenforo, and had a few questions that weren't clear to me after looking at the demo quickyl.

  1. How customizable are the themes? When I look at themes in the marketplace, they generally look themed rather than many drastic changes. Any thoughts?
  2. Are there good content management systems that have been built on top of Xenforo?
  3. Where are all the media stored? Is there a better, secure way, to manage the media (videos, imags, etc.) and also manage the bandwidth? It looks people use S3 and DigitalOcean Spaces and some people have some crazy bandwidth usage.
  4. Is there a hosted or managed Xenforo provider?
  5. What is the return policy if the software doesn't meet our needs?
  6. Does the pay wall and monetization functionality handle renewals with Stripe or Paypal?
Thanks in advance


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XF is as customisable as you want and your skills support.

Not sure - you can check here:

The default is on the sever where XF is installed. You can offload it though as you have posted.

No - we don't currently provide hosting services.

We will refund if you decide not to continue with XF.

Both, and a couple of others.


Are there good content management systems that have been built on top of Xenforo?
to be more specific:

Article Management System by @Bob:
You can see a Demo here:

Xenporta, a Portal System:

Widget Hompage:

There may be some more...



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@Drky if you're looking for some support from a host on Xenforo, I'd recommended KnownHost:

They pretty much mention here they can help with the base install if you're not comfortable doing it yourself:

From experience, when we were still on vBulletin, one of their experienced techs offered to login and help troubleshoot & offer solutions.