Some Pre-Sale Questions :)


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I have a few Pre-Sale questions I really need answered before I move on to buying xenForo (im still tossing up whether i want a community).

PLEASE NOTE: ive had a look around for these answers

Here are my questions:

-Is xenPorta free; How do i install it?
-Where and how do i install plugins (eg: Infractions, shoutbox)
-How to get a staff banner on xenforo (Like this:
But goes across the whole thing and says ‘staff’.
-Prefixes, where and how?

Thanks in advance,


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Have you checked out the demo for xenForo yet? Most of the things you're looking for are free or are core of the product.

For example, infractions are called warnings in xenForo and are in the core so are prefixes. xenPorta is free and can be easily installed by simply uploading files and applying the .xml file.

Check this page out for more info on xenPorta and how to install it.

For the ribbon like feature, there is actually a resource on that as well, and it's free. I just can't find it :'(


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Ok thanks guys ;)
The demo isn't working, is there another one available?
^^Also, someone told me infractions was a plugin


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May i please have a link to a working demo please in a PM good sir. With the demo, is it possible to download things like XenPorta, Rank ribbons, etc?


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I believe you can install any addons but it stays there for only 3 days.

Have you tried ordering one from here: ?
Several times, it says 'loading your demo, please wait' but nothing happens.

The demo is currently having problems. We are working to fix it. In the meantime one of our forum members, Harry Fox, has been nice enough to setup private demos for people who are interested:


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Prefixes can be set up via the admincp to display in whatever forum you choose. infact, I recently played around again with the prefixes by using extra.css to style them. when you create your prefixes you can specify your own id which makes styling each individual prefix an effortless task.

prefix-preview.png prefix-preview1.png


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Anyone here good with making banners / logo's, i kind of need one:
Name: LawlCraft
Size: 515px x 75px
Info: Transparent, A Minecraft community

Can any staff member please be so kind to send me a link for the demo? Really want to give this software a fair try because I`m doubting now what to chose.. vBulletin5 or XenForo
Thank you in advance