XF 1.5 Some issues since importing from I.P board


Hi, I successfully imported from IPS4, im really excited to be on Xenforo, the site is AnxietyCommunity.com

There are some minor issues I would like to fix though,

1.The tagged members ( so @whoever) from previous posts are going to not found pages (tags made since the import are fine). I think this is because I didn't import the existing member ID's. Would there be an easy way to fix this? I could always 301 redirect each member, but that sounds like a long process. :D Although as i said it's not really a massive problem..

2. Slightly more important.. it looks like every edited post, says "last edited by a moderator" even though they weren't. How can I fix this? I wouldn't mind turning off the last edited message completely, is there a way I can remove the message from all posts?

Thanks for the help.


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As you didn't retain IDs, you will need redirection scripts for existing linked content: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/categories/redirection-scripts.2/

The issue with the edit text sounds like the information has been stored incorrectly in the IPB database, which XF has interpreted to mean it was a moderator who edited the post.

I wouldn't normally recommend editing the DB directly, but if it's happening on a lot of posts, it may just be easier to manually update xf_post.last_edit_user_id to 0 for all posts, although I would need to check into that.


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I'm sort of curious where the @ mentions are pointing, as we don't make any steps to change them. I suppose they may just be regular profile links, in which case redirect scripts would be needed.