Some help embedding videos


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I've tried asking for help on this before only to have my posts deleted due to the content on the site in question so I'm going to try a different method.

The site I'm embedding is very NSFW/NSFL.

The contents are video and they're provided as file downloads, I realised I would have to embed the videos using a flash player my end to get them to work.

Now I'm able to get the replacement stuff to work and I can even get the videos to embed properly the problem is that the videos seem to always autoplay.

If anyone has any experience with embedding videos and would like to PC me I would love to share the solution I've got at the moment and get it working properly.



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Thanks for the responses fella's.

I got it working in the end using flowplayer and the following code, bearing in mind I'm hotlinking this content provider hehe

<script src=""></script>
<a href="{$id}.flv" id="playerContainer">
<script language="javascript">
flowplayer("playerContainer", "",{
clip: {
  autoPlay: false
Thought I should share what worked for me.


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Hmmmmmm although the player is working and it's nolonger auto playing I've run into another problem. Only one embed seems to work per page.


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Well it is more of an explanation as to why what you have currently won't work for what you are trying to do. I can tell you exactly but typing it out will not make as much sense as me saying it simply because of vocab reasons. Do you have skype?

Once I explain this I promise you will not have this problem ever again.


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Do you have any voice chat software?

If so I will setup an account on any of them right now just for the simple fact that I don't want to type an explanation that says' this thing, and one of those thingies and don't forget about this thingamajig.' :)

If you have no voice I guess I could try to explain it in text but like I said I know exactly what your error is and it is describing it that would kill me (and probably anyone trying to read it), not to mention that I already have had this working for a while now as a mediasite and was only refraining from sharing it because I have also done this already for BBCM and it seemed redundant to also have it as a mediasite but i suppose now that I think about it that it is a good thing to have both.

I do like the idea of the auto embedding but I was not sharing it because the way I have it setup it can play any video from anywhere that ends with a supported format file extension. The way you specified the url gives me a great idea and it also allows for customization on a per site level. If we merge parts from our 2 methods we could come up with something pretty sweet.

Anyway sorry for the psycho babble , let me know if you have a voice chat app. Either way answer me in a PC and we can continue there