Some elastic search error


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What does it mean, and how to solve it?

[INFO ][cluster.routing.allocation.decider] [Enchantress] low disk watermark [85%] exceeded on [DzN8VBV6RDaaOwxGyGbunQ][Enchantress][/var/lib/elasticsearch/elastictvor/nodes/0] free: 6.5gb[11%], replicas will not be assigned to this node


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Yep, minimum is st to 85% and maximum to 90%.
My disk is 89 full.
Will elastich search and ES continue to work if hard disk get 91% full?


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I'm not positive how it will react. I would presume it would be ok assuming you don't have other nodes doing replication or sharding, but it's something to be aware of. You can adjust the limits if necessary.