XF 2.2 [Solved] Automatic Profile Field adding.


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I posted something similar already, but it was moved to the request section, which resulted in me receiving messages for people offering me their paid services. That is NOT what I am after.

I have been developing for vBulletin over 10 years now, Xen is quite a bit different from the vb3 structure I am familiar with. For my first product I, dont like to give things away but I know what I want to do. For my learning process I am looking to build off a product that exist (this will help me with learning the xen way)

So does anyone know of any free products that exist that add a profile field, any profile field. It can be as simple as adding your xbox gametag, or some random social network. I only need it for a reference so I can learn the structure, and it's similar to what I will be developing.

Using https://xenforo.com/community/resources/user-date-time-format-settings.8061/ as a reference I was able to achieve this =) on to developing a product woot
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