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Hi Carlos,

I believe you've been in contact with a member of our support team with regards to the issue you mentioned. For the benefit of anyone who may be watching this thread, we don't currently believe the issue to be related to our plugin. Our plugin doesn't have any part in the processing of forms (beyond checking the CAPTCHA response at the very beginning, before anything else happens) or any other forum functions, so if your users are seeing a message that indicates the form they're using was submitted, they've gotten past our bit in the process successfully.

We're of course keen to ensure our plugin remains compatible as the software evolves, so if anyone experiences incompatibility issues we encourage you to get in touch so we can determine what needs to be done.



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Is it possible to use this only for the "Contact Us" and password reset but not for the registration?


I exchanged emails with SolveMedia and they support the language 'Norwegian' but I don't see it in the ACP->options->SolveMedia. We have the latest version of the add-on. What would I need to do to get Norwegian working with this add-on?