MG 1.1 Soft Delete Media


Is there a way to change the settings so that a regular (registered) user can no longer see soft deleted media? The faint thumbnail is causing some confusion. I'd like to restrict this just to moderators/admin.
The ability to view deleted media is a permission: View deleted media.

Faint thumbnails may also be down to media inside a soft deleted album. If that's the case either the media should be deleted or moved to somewhere else.
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I already had the default permissions for Registered Users set to Not Set/No for it but they CAN still see them.


When I set it to Never, then I can't see them even as an admin.
If they are there when it is set to "Not Set" but not there when it is set to "Never" then it is almost certainly still a permissions issue.

Have you confirmed the faint thumbnails disappear for normal registered users when the permission is set to "Never"?

You could run the Permissions Analyser against one of these users to see if a permission is overriding it somewhere.
That's how "Never" works. Admin users are in the Registered group too.

You will have to look at Analyze Permissions in the Admin CP against one of the users.
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