Snippet option for widget expanded display style


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Currently, when defining a New thread widget there are three options for displaying the thread content - simple, which is for sidebars, standard, which is how threads appear in the forum list, and expanded which is the entire first post content.

A snippet option to restrict the length of expanded widget thread content, similar to what is available for article threads in article forums would be useful and allow the widget to be used on a "home" page

So instead of this:


You would have this:

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This would be a very useful feature.

It would also be useful to have an option to remove the article text, only showing the post title, first image, date posted, author name.


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For now, an interesting option would be an addon that, exceeding a character limit, would create a kind of Spoiler so that if you could click, the text would expand, a "continue reading" that would make the widget not load the entire thread, you know if this it can be done ?