Article forums: Include last reply date (for expanded display style)


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When viewing an article forum, I don't see a way to view the date of the last reply (or navigate directly to it) for a particular article thread in an article forum. The last reply date is shown on selected other pages such as the forum index or what's new, however the inconsistency feels a little jarring if I'm honest.

For example, here on with the 'A few more things...' have you seen thread:

Article forum view:

Forum index:

What's new:

I noticed this soon after XF2.2 was rolled out here, but wanted to see if I'd get used to it. I haven't. Is it only me who misses the last reply date when viewing the HYS forum?
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Thanks for the reply :). By navigating directly to the last (or most recent) post, I mean via threads/<thread_id,title>/latest. "New replies" opens to the first unread post (threads/<thread_id,title>/unread).