I see on, there's extra smilies in the board, where do those smilies come from? I know my board didn't have as much as this one, but I like how they look. I am particularly fond of: :ROFLMAO: and :giggle:.

Also, I've seen some sites that have a visual indicator when someone is online, it looks like a ribbon, I've tried searching the forum but I could not find where it is, can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you. :)


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Do we have to add smiles one at a time?
There is a script here somewhere named (smiley_import-V104). Can't remember who released it, but I used it to import all my vb smiles (over 400 over them) into xF. I did my conversion when xF was beta 4 btw, so not sure if the script will still work or not. if you need it and can't find it, PC me.