Lack of interest Smilies "text to replace" - affects relevancy of search results


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When using the Search, it appears results are also matched against smileys used in posts, if the smiley "text to replace" contains the same search keywords.

For example if you search for term: "unsure"

Results are being returned for the smiley:
On my forum (and perhaps others) this is an issue as it affects the relevancy of search results - many of our smileys are based on characters that are very likely to be used as search terms.

I feel that XenForo should have an automatic stop list built in for Search that includes all the smiley "text to replace" terms to help improve relevancy of search results.


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While I can take the point, this isn't something we are attempting to do -- we don't manipulate BB code either, for example. The smiley is still text in the post.

This is probably better as a suggestion so I'm going to move it there.


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It is text, but it shouldn't be searched like the other text, same as full urls in posts shouldn't (I have an old thread on that problem too). I don't think that anyone wants to search smilie text and url descriptive titles inside posts along with regular post text. At best, this should be an option to tick under Advanced that practically nobody would use. Definitely not default behaviour as it's only throwing search results off with no way to disable it.