Not a bug Smilies popup should be close after use

Affected version
2.1.0 Beta 2


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This has been observed elsewhere. On the one hand the keeping the menu open is not ideal, but after testing other forum platforms, it's actually much more useful having it left open than closing it, moving the screen about and having to open the menu again if you want to insert more emoji is not great. This is a really bad experience on other platforms, especially if you want to insert multiple emoji. The problem here is lack of feedback when tapping an icon that results in the successful insertion of an emoji into the editor, which you may not see if the carat is not visible.

I think a bit of taptic feedback would really help with this. For example, the background of the emoji turning green instantly upon tapping, and fading back to nothing or the background colour within a second or so after that. Or some other kind of feedback to assert the successful insertion of an emoji into the text box, even if it's hidden.



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This is not a bug, it is intended behavior,

You can also tell if the smile is used because it will show up in the recently used line.