Smiley List

Hello Folks. We at AskCanon are loving this software. Great job.
I have a question about the smiley list.
How do we make the list larger or move it below the post box. We have a great many of our own and they do not fit.

So far, the only way I have found is too load all your smilies and copy and past the image from the "Terms and Use" box. Cumbersome but sorta works.


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Copy and paste? What is it you're trying to do?
I'm assuming he/she has a lot of smilies and to save time rather than Select, locate and post a smiley and the drop down menu closing only to repeat the process again he/she is copy and pasting the text replacements from the smilies page. I'm probably wrong in assuming that.
In the Term and use box it has a smiley list that so far show all the smilies that I have uploaded to our site so far. AskCanon is sort of a sister site of and we have quit a few smilies that a LOT of members use and most of the active users from there are already looking at our new site. We are just trying to get the smiley list from the old too the new. Actually no big deal but it would be nice.

Once again folks. GREAT job.


I have not set him up with an FTP account.

Will that help?

I will do that for him now.

He should be listed under my license. If he is not I will need to fix that as well. He is admin staff at