SMF Importer Failed, Best Route to Take


Formerly ftsservice
I have an SMF 2.0.2 forum with 1018633 posts and 13349 users. The SMF importer failed with several errors without importing anything.

So, if anyone has been through this, what's the best recommended route for keeping as much as possible intact:

SMF -> VB 3.x -> Xenforo
SMF -> VB 4.x -> Xenforo
SMF -> phpBB 3.x -> Xenforo
SMF -> IPB -> Xenforo

I have both a VB and IPB license, and obviously phpBB is free, so all these options are open to me, but I don't want to go down a dead end route without the benefit of some experience from others here.


Formerly ftsservice
Thanks, I really appreciate it. I'll probably go the paid route. Someone who's done it before can probably accomplish it much faster, therefore it'll be worth the cost verses the hassle. I don't know how I missed that thread.

Jake Bunce

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I have experience in this area.

Normally I would ask for a copy of your database, but your forum is very large. It may be easier if you can give me a login for my own directory on your server so I can import straight from the live database without having to copy all that data back and forth. I have done this for other people.