Small moments of Euphoria


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Ever have them?

For me, a mix of nostalga and music does the trick. For example tonight, was listening to Meat Loaf, and looking through a photo album of the first time I was ever introduced to W40K (this was maybe, 14-15 years ago?)

At that moment, I could recall everything about the photo, the smells, the sounds, the taste of the air (there has been a very heavy thunderstorm just before we arived), the layout.... and then bam... the euphoria kicked in... for the next 15-20 minutes... was just sat there, listening to music, eyes closed... without a care in the world.... no stress... no nothing... just... happiness and clarity.

The clarity is the part which I enjoy most... in those moments i'll decide my plans for the next few months... make business or personal choices.

So... lets get a thread going... if and when you ever have them... share it with us... what triggered it... what did you do or decide because of it?


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The latest one was yesterday. I had gone away for a rest after a gruelling work period of a month nonstop 15 hour days. No days off and huge crisis stress load - work + beloved son doing university exams (I tutor him). I was smashed. It was over, all was well but I could not change gear.
So yesterday I was in my hideaway sanctuary.

Lying in a small cavelike room, away from it all. The bed is handmade heavy blond oak. Draped with Celtic fabrics enclosing me. The walls are mediaeval, 2ft thick, so the world is shut away.
I get up, bathe, return to bed. There is no demand on me at all, for 24 hours. All is quiet peace. I doze, send a few messages here and on my personal board. Read a gentle book. Doze again.
My beautiful husband brings me goodly food and drink at intervals, smiling at me. Then cuddles me ... and I float on all this safety sweetness and softness as if I am back in amniotic waters. I am boneless, every cell soft open and quietly whispering joy. I am shocked into changed state like a shaman in the otherworld.
After 24 hours I walked in the sunshine, ate country ice cream at a street cafe table.
I felt like a young child, simplified.

Well the result was I not only return to the fray of life with renewed strength but I had completely redesigned the books I've been writing for 2 years from 3 books into one! Complete, clear structure, and towards the end of the 24 hours I write all the admin lists it needed - delightful.
Posted a work offer for people to clean up my eyesore of a house, got 2 good replies, talked to them this evening as I arrived back and they will start work tomorrow.
Life begins again.


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Some people call that the "holy spirit"....

I like to have as many moments of euphoria as possible....problem is, if you have too many they are not euphoria any more!

I first felt this "rush" when I was 14 years old. My brother, who was older, had brought home the Jimi Hendrix album "Axis:Bold as Love" and put it on our Hi-Fi (didn't have a stereo yet!). The 2nd song (after the strange intro) is "Castles Made of Sand" and the words were printed on the cover. I read the words and listened to the song and a strong tingle went up my spine. It was as if that poem expressed the entirely of this human existence. It still does, so check out the words!!!!

The last verse is especially inspiring because the subject is in constant pain and disabled and decides to end her life...and, just then, she realizes "Look, A golden winged ship is passing my way".

Beautiful. I don't know how I understood it at 14, but I think our culture makes people grow up too slowly...obviously I somehow realized there was a facade which needed lifted to see what was going on!

It was only years later that someone explained to me that was a religious experience. Of course, by that time, I had a number of additional ones fueled by..........


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Some people call that the "holy spirit"....
Indeed but many here find such language disturbing so I do not usually use it here. My belief is that everyone has this - ecstacy - sacred moments - holy spirit - awakening - renewal.
It is not especially rare and can be found gazing at a bowl of washing up. Or in music. In sex very much so though not in porn. In dance, nature places, in stories, in combat. In silence or the roar of a crowd, or the thunder of disco sound.
It needs no deity or religious language; in fact many do not recognise it as religious, they just experience it. To some deity or religion talk is an opener. But it is not the possession of saints or priests.

It is a free flowing web of connection where we surrender individuality for a moment and merge with something else. What that something is varies according to the moment it is ie we can merge with another's experience, with their body and the third power that weaves two into three in one; with something complex or beautiful in music or story, with the sensual experience of the now (washing up!); with the wide web of nature; with the sense of time in depth; with the ultimate web of all, everything.
There are many ways to it. We all have some of them available.
However stress, and rigid thinking, block it.

Forgive me, this is my craft.


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I have them frequently.

Utter bliss!

The other thing that amazes me and has only happened to me twice is genuine literal catharcis - Weirdest feeling in the world, to have no control over laughing or crying and doing both at the same time.


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I have them frequently.

Utter bliss!

The other thing that amazes me and has only happened to me twice is genuine literal catharcis - Weirdest feeling in the world, to have no control over laughing or crying and doing both at the same time.
Honestly, I have never felt that.

Would probably benefit me though as I tend to keep things pent up inside for a long time. I'm sure one day I might actually explode and release all 25 years of emotion. :D