Duplicate Small Message System Suggestion


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I looked for a prior thread on this but couldn't find one, which surprises me actually. Or maybe I couldn't see it for all the group messaging chatter going on (which I agree with)...

however, one little thing I noticed this morning. When you click on inbox and see all your PM's, it shows your own avatar at the far left of each listing. I understand that's because they are all outgoing (as the incoming ones show the avatar of the sender), but somewhere across that listing area, there should be a place for the name of the person you sent it to because as it is currently, the only way to tell who you sent them to is to either remember by title or click to see.

ETA: I should have specified....if you sent and you were the last responder on the message, then there is no way of seeing who it was sent to as the other end of the column would then have your name.


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This has already been suggested (numerous times).

Do a search on "conversation" in the title.