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Implemented Suggestion: A small fix in the system of prefixes for the post.

Discussion in 'Closed Suggestions' started by Softlineck, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Softlineck

    Softlineck Member

    I've been testing the live demonstration of XenForo, after a long time. Now I saw that the system needs some work prefix for threads.

    You know when a user places a prefix to your thread, this code can not be changed in any way, nor the administrator or moderator can change. Also when a prefix is ​​by default in a specific forum, to post a topic and not accidentally change the prefix, then you can not change it back.

    My proposal is that the prefixes of a thread can be changed either by the user who posted the thread or moderators or administrators ... This would provide much support forums for any service or product, as they can have three types of prefixes support forums:

    1. "No Answer" - is the default prefix specific forum
    2. "Resolved" - This code can be used only by moderators or administrators of the site, and is used to indicate that a question has been resolved.
    3. "Emergency" - This prefix can be used by users to indicate that your question or problem is very high severity and need help urgently and if the code is still valid, you have not resolved your problem or question.

    This could help many to support forums, as if in a specific forum default prefix is ​​called "No Answer" and nothing can change it to the emergency user if very high gravity the problem or question .. It would be good, because if a user community or community staff, ask or answer the user solves the problem ... The moderator or user can change the prefix to "Solved" to indicate that this question or problem was solved without using the option to edit the theme, but can be edited from the overview of all the forum threads or Topic Started ...

    And I like this system, because if a moderator or want to give support to answer all questions from all users no answer, just gives click the prefix "No Answer" and you will come out all the threads that have not been solved ...

    I think this suggestion is good, having the option to change the code without having to edit the themes ...
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  2. dwdmadmac

    dwdmadmac Active Member

    Correct me if I am wrong anyone, but you select who you want accessing your prefix's. You also select where each prefix will go and the titles of them. To me it seems everything you are explaining is already implemented..
  3. Softlineck

    Softlineck Member

    First of all sorry for my English, not my native language.

    My suggestion is mainly to change the prefixes to threads that have been forwarded to details are wrong, because as I said very well, the user or moderator or administrator can not change the prefixes of the issues that have already been sent.

    The others that I was just a way to acclimate readers to see from my point of view why it would be good to implement this little tweak ... I know XenForo lets give the correct permissions to a specific group so they can use prefixes to threads.

    But most likely not understand what I meant ... That's because of my terrible English. Anyway, apparently my suggestion was implemented ...
  4. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    I think what he is wanting is the ability to modify the prefix. Even if you are SuperAdmin, if you go in to edit the OP, all you can change is the text, not the thread nor the prefix (I just checked on my Site News node and could not do it).
    From what I gather he is wanting the ability for a post to follow the format of
    1. User enters a technical problem thread with a prefix of "Emergency"
    2. Thread is handled by a moderator or an administrator and the prefix is changed to either "No Answer" or "Resolved"
    It would be beneficial for forums that are tech related, giving the users ability to use the prefixes with varying degrees (Emergency, High, Medium, Low, Whenever u get to it) and then having the prefix be able to be changed to show the resolution.
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  5. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Prefixes can be changed by anyone with the permission linked to editing thread titles.
  6. dwdmadmac

    dwdmadmac Active Member

    I understand what he is asking, but in my opinion there might be some over thinking going on here. As Brogan said you can set permissions, which can be done by multiple ways depending on your setup. I really see no point in having the ability in editing the current given prefix's. :confused: If you are wanting something different which is offered, you can use the custom section. Those prefix's are meant for quick use. Here is a tutorial that can help with that

    You can see it live on the Source Author's Site
  7. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    Yep, I just found it - but it is kind of hidden under thread tools and is only called Edit Thread. I can't think of an easier way than that to do it - but it does take some familiarity with the software (and I didn't even know that's what that option did) as two of the options provided in it duplicate what is already shown in the Thread Tools drop down.
  8. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    Or mine, as I've also implemented it. The point in editing the prefix is for notification that the thread problem has been either Solved or has No Answer. I guess you could always just make a final post with the resolution and lock it, but it would look better (especially if you provide a support site) for the prefix to reflect the resolution (same as it is done here with the bug reports). As Brogan said, you can do it currently - but it's not in the most intuitive placement for someone that is not familiar with the software. Once you find it, then no problem. I think the OP was as unfamiliar with where that ability was as I was (I didn't find it until Brogan's post).
  9. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Note that editing the thread title as a separate permission has already been suggested so it may make it into a future release.
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  10. dwdmadmac

    dwdmadmac Active Member

    :eek: I understand now. My post is completely unrelated to what is being asked, glad you found it (y) and hope OP knows now too.

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