Duplicate Slow script popup delinking text


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I've received several of these:


In this example I was delinking the text at the bottom (copy & paste from another of my forums, wanted to replace w/ link to actual blog post).

Browser was Firefox 19.02 with 5 windows and a large number of tabs open, NoScript to limit Javascript (xenforo.com is fully allowed). Yes, it's busy but so am I & the old editor could handle this environment.

As I typed the line above the new editor was constantly adjusting it size/position on the screen -- very annoying, not happening with this paragraph.
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Have I mentioned that being able to use copy & paste from Snagit is really slick? I've done that in several real posts as well here. It's a great time-saver not to have to save the image to a file & then upload it to XF.