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Slow query logger 1.3.1

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Xon updated Slow query logger with a new update entry:

Critical update

Please update or disable this add-on ASAP
  • Prevent potential catastrophic data-loss due to re-using the database connection when reporting a slow individual query.
    • Slow transactions reporting is OK
    • When moving posts between threads, this can cause the permanent deleting of any source thread(s) if the slow query logging is triggered.
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I got several: Slow transaction detected: 0.xseconds, /p/x/like

It is normal for likes being slow?

This is on server with CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1245 v5


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You don't have addons for it to optimize? :)
My deadlock hack add-on moves a bunch of stuff out of the Like transaction code path which is about all I can do :p

(XF2 adopts a better approach to solving this issue, but the same behaviour of post-transactional stuff should not be in a transaction)


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This add-on is so you can find a slow query and where it is being generated. XF has templated SQL query generation, so knowing to callstack which generated the query is important to find what is causing it.