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Slide Programmer Needed!


I recently posted here that I needed someone to manage a XenForo website for me, but I found out it's easy so I can do that myself, BUT! I need someone to make me a slider that is kinda like this one:


But that instead of showing those pictures, shows a picture of a game, so I can display my game servers on a slideshow like that on my front page, and when you click each picture a window page in the same place opens with info on the server and the IP and then you can just close that window and continue browsing through the slideshow.

The slideshow should look a bit like the above one, but the pictures on the left and right should be less transparent, and there should be a scrolling thing on the bottom so you can scroll through the slides. Each slider should have a small text on the lower-right saying "More info" and it's when you click that the window page opens.

If you can do this, or you know anyone who can do this, please do reply! I am paying for this.

- Nima :)


Well-known member
If when you buy Xenforo you want a CMS style front page. XenPorta has a slider block. We use it at www.tbgclan.com. Now if you want it elsewhere on the site then your probably looking for a different plugin. Its not a full page type deal, if your running no left side bar it will be wider and you can make it taller. It has left and right controls and when you click on it it opens a thread. Downside of this particular block that comes with it is it only displays on threads (you can select which forum(s)) with an attachment image which always has the same name.