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When my site was migrated from vBulletin 4.2.5 to Xenforo...I left the vB site running (closed to all traffic) a reference point to make sure all was good with the Xenforo version of the site.

Now finally have decided to shut down the old site & delete it from the server...and noticed that the database for the vBulletin version of the site was roughly 2x the size of the database for the Xenforo site. Does vBulletin & Xenforo store/organize things differently in regards to the database?

Thanks Brogan.

Maybe I was unclear what I was looking for. Just looking for what the major differences might be to explain such a large difference in database size between the two platforms (vBulletin database being 2x the size).

Someone I spoke with suggested that maybe vBulletin stores attachments in the database (maybe same thing with user avatars)...where maybe Xenforo does not.

I know image files/attachments can take up a lot of space...and if vB stores these in the database...and XF does not...this could explain the large difference in database size between the platforms.

Not looking for any sort of super-duper detailed explanation...or any details that might be proprietary. Just looking for some clarity to understand things better.

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Awesome sir...thanks very much ...exactly what I wanted to know!

I was VERY concerned that if the vB database was 2x the size of the migrated database to Xenforo...that something MAJOR was lost. But if Xenforo stores/organizes website data/files differently than vBulletin (such as attachments, avatars, etc)...then that can certainly explain the database size difference between vB & XF!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but IIRC when you import a database it keeps the old one and also fills the XF one, which is why it doubled.
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