XF 2.2 Size limit of attachments and MG files


New member
Hi there,

I do not know if its a bug or not; or media gallery related or not. So I try it here ;)

What I want to have:

Default user group (members): no attachments, no media gallery upload.
Additional user group (Premium Members): attachments, media gallery upload. Filesize max 5MB for attachments and 10 MB for media gallery uploads.

My settings:

Setup -> Options -> Attachments:


Groups & permissions -> User group permissions -> Premium Members:

user groups.png

Ok. For me that looks good ;)

Today I found out that one user (usergroup member, additional usergroup Premium Member) was able to upload files with more than 160 MB. Not so good ;)

attachement browser.png

Did I miss a additional setting, is it a bug?

In this case, its not a big deal, the user will delete this content, or I will do that - no problem.
But of course it should work the way i want.

Thanks a lot for your help