XF 1.2 How do I change the directory of attachments, and manage them?

I want my attachments to be in a different folder, inside my website's root (outside of the forum directory). How can I accomplish this?

Also, is it possible to manage my attachments, such as the name of them? I've seen it done before, but it may possibly be an add-on.
I tried that by putting
$config['internalDataPath'] = '../images/';
, but the attachments still show up in forums/attachments/.


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There is no /attachments/ directory.

You will need to move the existing content - adding that to config.php won't automatically move the content.
No, I'm referring to newly uploaded content. After the config file is updated, I THEN go to upload an attachment (on a page that has been loaded after the config file was updated) and the file path still shows up /attachments.


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This changes the physical path to them - the attachments route you're seeing is just XenForo's URL. It doesn't relate to where the attachments are placed.