Sins of a Solar Empire


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The other day I was reading about the solar system. I can't believe how large it is, and how most of the graphical representations of it size are not to scale. Every poster I have ever seen titled "Our Solar System" is a lie.


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How does this compare with Egosoft's X3 universe?
Never tried that game. But from what I see in the screen shots, X3 seems to use tons more polygons with much more detailed textures. Assume they're similar, I wonder how much CPU power you'd need if you're battling thousands of space ships at once. Something Sins handle pretty well with their low poly models.

Artistically I like Sin's style more.


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I play, far to often for my own good, hehe

It's a great game, but it really should've been launched with a campaign, not just a free for all/create your own map setup

They start the game with this short video of how something is chasing the evil vasari race and how they came across the TEC (humans), but that's all you ever hear of it, so it's a little odd.

Despite releasing 2 further expansions and 1 complete pack of all expansions, they never touched on any of the lore, or back story, it's like it's been forgotten completely.

I do love the game, I love modding/messing with the files to see what effects it has in game, but I'm a little dissapointed in the Ironclad in how they're omitted the lore/campaign bits.


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I have to buy a new computer. Gaming on the imac is terrible, especially when itunes is rolling, so I'm building a dedicated gaming box. Some of these space games have really nice scenery built in, almost as nice as EVE, although I prefer RTS for space titles.