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i will start on 1.1.13 a new Project. In this Project we have 12 Forums and a Startsite from Wordpress.

We need one Login for all Sites - Is theire a way, that the users can use all Sites with one Login? Or must they register on all Sites?

Sample of the Structure of our Project:

Startsite : www.mydomain/startsite ( Powered Wordpress)
1. Forum www.mydoamain/gameforum
2.Forum www.mydomain/tvforum
...........and 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.............

all these Sites must work with one Login!


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Not supported by XenForo out the box.

You would also need a seperate XenForo license per seperate forum if you are setting up a different install for each folder.

Take a look at the Single Sign On addon.
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i have bought the first board now. i want by the Enhanced Search addon, too. but i find no installations service for this addon. i need a complete installation on a debian server. what can i do? must i write a ticket for this service (debian installation and addon installation)?