Simultaneous use of Resources


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Can multiple instances of Resources be used simultaneously on a single forum but named differently and kept seperate? For example:

Main menu, top of page: "Home | Forums | Media | Resources | Articles | Members"

  • Transistor Specs (Resource Category)
    • High Frequency (Resource Subcategory)
    • High Power
  • Capacitor Specs
    • Electrolytic
    • Ceramic
Articles (Using another instance of Resources but named differently and seperate)
  • Designing Electronic Circuits (Article Categories)
    • High Voltage (Article Subcategories
  • Engineering Principles & Practices
  • Mechanical Engineering & Design
I don't want Articles under Resources because it's a main section of the website, like Forums, Media, Resources, Articles, Members, etc. I really like the built-in features of Resources; Reviews, Watch, Discussion, Ratings. I could use them in multiple instances of Resources but different for each. For example: The Resources menu option may have all of the standard features but Articles may not have Reviews and Watch. If multiple instances can be used, can you inhibit some of the features? Please forgive me if this is in the Demo but it's been a while since I messed with it.

P.S. I like "Follow This Resource" better than "Watch This Resource." :)
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