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I've read through several threads inquiring about a simple-to-use UnSubscribe Link that can be included whenever an Admin sends out Emails from the Admin-CP. Since I can't post to those threads yet, I wanted to suggest something like this MOD below:

Unsubscribe Link v1.0 for vB3
Where ever you want to add a link for users to unsubscribe from admin emails, simply put: When a user clicks on it, it will ask if they're sure they want to unsubscribe. They click yes, and the option in their User-CP to receive admins emails is set to no. That's it.

And lastly, it puts a box on the "send email to users" page that simply says:

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 12.01.02 AM.jpg

Just copy/paste the code at the end of your outgoing email.​

I'm not a coder, but in looking at XenForo's Contact Details page don't you just need a link with the command to revise "checked" to "unchecked" for the Receive site mailings box?
<li><label for="ctrl_receive_admin_email"><input type="checkbox" name="receive_admin_email" value="1" id="ctrl_receive_admin_email"  checked="checked" />
                    Receive site mailings</label>
I'm sure I'm missing something and it's more complicated than this, but I wanted to mention it just in case it could really be done this easily?


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Agreed........... and also clear instructions not to reply to things like emails notifying of watched threads, conversations, etc
Yes I see this pretty frequently too! People reply to the email. It's easy to blame it on the users, but there must be a better way to prevent this, it happens far too often.
Agreed........... and also clear instructions not to reply to things like emails notifying of watched threads, conversations, etc
Just have the emails not show the content of the post and that they have to click the link to the site to see it. You won't get replies back after that, as I haven't.


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I was just about to make a post with same suggestion. Regarding this, xf should be inspired by leading email campaign sending service There, when clicked on unsub link in email, it opens a website with text like "you have unsubscribed our site mailings". Probably aditionally with a button "Undo Unsubscription / Subscribe again".

There are two main reasons for this: usability and privacy policy. Privacy policy according law has changed since xf 1.0 was released 2010.

What has to change in xf:
  1. Unsubscription should be done by only one click in email
  2. And I think this will be necessary in longterm: Not only a link to Terms and Rules on registration form: it needs another link to Privacy Policy (such a page doesn't exist on a native xf fresh installation)
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This should definitely be present. It might even be required by different laws/rules if you're sending out mass emails.

I was reported for spam once, BY A MEMBER who signed up. Go figure!!

We must give users the option to unsubscribe, mostly for our own safety.


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Does this really still not exist after six years of development? Has no third party developer yet developed a one-click unsubscribe link?
@AndyB has a weekly digest and it has a one click unsubscribe, so it would be super easy!

When you send out mass emails to all your users, make sure you include instructions at the bottom of the message to tell them how to stop receiving admin emails to stay CAN-SPAM act compliant! I provide a link directly to the privacy page /account/privacy


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I really wish this was an option. We've used the "email users" to send out newsletters, etc., but are scared to do it because we can't have a simple "unsubscribe" link, so they just lazily mark as spam.

Even when we put "Reply with 'unsubscribe'" in the email, people just don't want to bother if it isn't an easy one-click unsubscribe.