Other Simple referral system


Since the only referral addon (from ragtek) has broken my forums twice now, I'm looking for someone to help us build a far more simple solution. This would be a paid gig.

I want a custom field in the users profile where they can enter the forum member that referred them. I would like for the number of people he has referred to show up in their profile. For example, Sally, Bill and Tom put 'Jim' in the who referred you? field. When looking on Jim's profile, you would see '3'. This should be validated against the current member list so they can't put in an non-existing member.

Optionally, it would kick butt if
A) it listed the users that he referred ("Sally, Bill, Tom") in his profile as well and
B) it showed that number under the members avatar on each post he made.

I'd be okay paying extra if the custom field could be auto-filled based on a special URL our members could give out. In other words if I gave someone the URL www.mysite.com/forum/?ref=1234 and they signed up, it would automatically put the username of member #1234 in the field.
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