Add-on Referral System


I am looking for an add-on that can add a referral system to my forums. I would like the add-on to do the following:
  • Users can easily invite their friend using an interface or page on the forums which can be found on the main navigation as well as in the users menu
  • Links can be set to expire after an amount of time, decided in the ACP
  • Stats to show the conversion rates of the invites and a page where we can see who invited who
  • Successful referrals be shown on a users stats block
  • Successful referrals be emailed to predefined email address(es) on a weekly basis, with the username of the referrer and the the referred accounts.
  • Prevent registration from the same IP as the invitation was sent from or from an IP address associated with the account that made the referrals. This would be to prevent users from referring themselves
  • Can be turned off or on for a specific user or usergroup if required
  • The link should prepopulate with the users referral code when the link is clicked and not editable
  • Email addresses can only have one active invitation at a time. If the previous invitation has not expired, no other forum user can then send an invitation to that same email.
  • Invitation codes can be manually generated by the user
  • Invitation message can be customised when sending invites
  • Trophy system for successful referrals.
For a referral to be considered successful, the referred account would have to reach criteria set in the ACP, such as:
  1. Referred account is be at least a certain age, eg. must be older than 1 month
  2. Referred account has to reach a set number of posts and threads collectively
  3. Referred account must spend a minimum amount of time on the forums over a specified time frame, such as 0.5 hour(s) per week, over a 4 week per period
  4. Referred account should achieve the above in a set amount of time, eg. 3 months.
I know there is a couple of similar add-ons that can do the majority of my requirements already developed, however, none of them can do them all.

If you can recommend an add-on I may have missed, I would greatly appreciate it. If not, please send me your quotes via PM here on Xenforo.

Thanks in advance,