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Add-on Simple external RSS parsing and XF RSS alteration


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Hi everyone! I have a custom vb3 addon that I need translated to XF. It has to do with a content partnership between two sites. I send him content and I get his. There are two parts to this.

1st side:
Essentially I cache a set of RSS files from a content provider (scheduled task, I don't think it needs to be translated as there is no XF code). Then I use magpierss to parse the cached RSS and load the content into variables which are ready to use in the template. This is all very simple only about 30 lines.

2nd side:
For the content provider to access my content in a way they can handle I need to alter how the RSS works a bit. The provider has given me a list of category IDs that are matched up with my forum IDs. What I need is to add a query string to the RSS where the provider will add their category ID. When the script is run there will be switch/case to determine what forum ID the RSS should generate from. Again this is very simple. Under 50 lines of code I would imagine. I can send what I use for vb3 and it will be very easy to understand.

This can likely be done within an hour and I am willing to pay above fair price for quality. Please PM me a quote and we can go from there :)

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