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Simple Cron SQL Job

Discussion in 'General PHP and MySQL Discussions' started by rivacom, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. rivacom

    rivacom Active Member

    Hi everyone, I have some code I want to enable for a cron job to update a table based on a custom field. I'm trying to convert my straight PHP script to what I think is Xenforo friendly but I could be wrong. However I seem to be having issues with the insert query, can anyone comment or even let me know if the whole thing has been done wrong? Thanks!


    class twitch_cron {
    protected static 
    $queries = array(
    'deleteQuery' => 'TRUNCATE TABLE `xf_twitch_streams`',
    'userQuery' => 'SELECT * FROM xf_user_field_value WHERE field_id = "twitch" AND field_value <> ""',
    'insertQuery' => 'INSERT INTO `xf_twitch_streams` (twitch_username, twitch_viewers) VALUES ($data[0],$viewer[0])'
        public static function 

    $db XenForo_Application::get('db');
    $db as $user) {
    $twitchuser[] = $user['field_value'];
    $data json_decode(file_get_contents('http://api.justin.tv/api/stream/list.json?channel=' $twitchuser[0]));
    $viewer[0] = $data[0]->channel_count;

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