XF 1.1 Signing in via Facebook


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If a visitor to this website has no account here and he signs in via his Facebook account, he is brought to the the page shown in this photo:
Now, if the member then chooses the option 'Creat New Account' and registers on this website, that member does not then receive the normal 'Activate your Account' email with the usual activation link within that first email, unlike when a member a visitor registers directly on the website.

Is this how it's supposed to be? If so, isn't this incorrect? I mean at the end of the day, that visitor has registered on this website even if he did initially sign-in via Facebook?



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It's correct. The account activation serves to verify the email only, which has been done by FB.


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But, I am modifying my website's activation email so it also includes a 'Welcome' line - so how can I get this message across to a new member on my website who has signed in via Facebook and then registered on my website? I mean, as you say here, no email activation is to be received from my website?