XF 1.5 Registration via Facebook

Hello -

Successfully tested Facebook integration. However, the option for a visitor to use Facebook to register doesn't appear - the default XF registration page is presented instead. Do I need to enable something else?

Thanks, but not in sandbox mode - "This app is public and available to all users".

However, problem is now solved! When creating the app, I couldn't fill in the "App Domains" box - it wouldn't accept the domain url. Now the app is live, it does accept the board url and I can see the "Log in with Facebook" option. Excellent.

I'm still rather unclear about this, though. Does it simply allow existing members to log in with their Facebook creds? Or will it automatically register anyone who logs in with FB? And - if so - what about the other custom required fields we specify during normal (non-FB) registration?

Thanks for any help.