Lack of interest Signature Image Limits

Please implement image size maximums in signatures based on user group configuration. Something similar to this, only this addon unfortunately is for all groups inclusively. I need further granularity so that the image sizes maximums are based on what group the user falls are in. This is especially important for user upgrades/premium members, where the upgrades include maximum sizes depending on the upgrade. By default there is options for the number of images, the number of lines, the amount characters and their size, but no image size option?

For example:
User upgrade 1: maximum image size of 400x100
User upgrade 2: maximum image size of 450x125
User upgrade 3: maximum image size of 500x175
User upgrade 4: maximum image size of 525x200
User upgrade 5: maximum image size of 600x225

Please implement, or give me brief instructions (which classes/controllers and/or views to use, etc.) on how I would go about creating this as an addon. If I'm successful with it based on your instructions, I'll release it for the community.

Thank you!


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While it can't include user upgrades (or maybe it can through a custom template), I'm pretty sure you can constrict image sizes using CSS. I did that for my smileys in the post editor, as we have many at all different sizes, and would throw off the size of the drop-down menu. I set it to 25x25 and it's all good.

We don't allow images in signatures, but it depends on an individual community as to whether or not it would be acceptable. :)
Yes, I'm using CSS at the moment to cap the maximum size for everyone. But not every group should be shooting for that maximum size. IP Board has this feature... has this been considered for XF?
This should be absolutely mandatory and I can't believe it wasn't included.
There should be a separate upload sig pic function just like in VB. And there you set the sig limits.