Sign Up , Login Button and Google Twitter Login Buttons

I've just upgraded to 1.3 . Automaticly merged old templates.Here is the my problem:

If I click "No , create an account now " Log in botton doesn't turn to sign up.Login with twitter and google icons are missing.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Looks like two things.

First of all you need to copy the missing images from the default/xenforo directory to your custom style image path. Your browser console may reveal a 404 error on the missing paths.

Secondly the wrong wording on the button could either be an outdated phrase or some dodgy js. Your browser console may reveal any JS errors.
I upgraded style ,unfourtunetly all customizations overwrited .At least I backup my old style.But sign in - sign up button problem still contuinue.


XenForo moderator
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You will be better off asking the style author for support.
We are unable to offer help for third party styles and add-ons, simply because we don't use them and are therefore unfamiliar with the code, templates, etc.