XF 1.5 Sidebar Spacing (Vertical)

I happened to mess with something I believe and the widgets are tight stacked on each other and I'm not sure what caused this. I use bd widget and it has something about 'ClearContent' widgets, I may have deleted those because I thought they were useless. I'm not sure how to fix it, some advice would be appreciated!

When the page initially loads, it appears normal but somehow the width or spacing compensates it seems and the sidebar mashes. I think it's my lack of knowledge of display order, and/or items that were previously there but I had removed.

Also 'New Posts' and other widgets have disappeared despite them being in the layout editor.



I fixed it, I just disabled ALL of the widgets in the 'List Widgets' and the sidebar appeared normally. It must be conflicting with something, I just wanted to change the order in which they appeared. Hopefully I didn't break something else.
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