MG 2.2 Sidebar Missing from Lightbox on Mobile


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I'm not sure if this is really a bug or the intended behaviour.

When you open an image with the new lightbox in 2.2 on a desktop display there's the sidebar that displays all of the image interactions (like, comment, report, spam, etc) along with the metadata.

This works great for large displays but for smaller displays instead of shifting the sidebar to the bottom of the lightbox it's simply hidden, so now it's no longer possible to perform any interactions, view metadata, like or comment on an image.

This isn't really ideal when 50 percent of my users are on mobile and many will be switching from desktop to mobile and expecting the same basic functionality on both devices.

I'm aware that you can click the new window icon and the image will load in the media view with all of the interactions available, but this isn't very practical and doesn't work with attachment mirroring setup and clicking images from within the forums.