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The forum sidebar, viewed within threads... Useful for many things but my focus here is ads. As is the view of widgets (ads, etc) is only effective when threads have one or two replies. Otherwise thread pages are so vertical that viewing content in the sidebar is by luck, reducing active-view-viewable for that sidebar content to a joke. Maybe the user hadn't viewed the thread previously so they are placed at the top of the threads first page, (a view, but likely short lived as they start scrolling) but ongoing they'll likely land down the page vertically at the spot of the first unread post, bypassing any viewable sidebar content that's stuck at the top.

Could page scrolling be adjusted to scroll the threads post content and sidebar content independently? ... or to scroll the sidebar content proportionately (scroll down 50% of the main content and the sidebar scrolls down 50%). I guess the goal I'm spit-balling / suggesting here is to have normal scrolling function for the main post content while retaining view of the sidebar content, throughout the main contents vertical scroll.

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