XF 1.5 Sidebar bottom too narrow


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Adsense is telling me the following.

"We've noticed that one of your responsive ad units isn't working correctly because it's been placed within a parent container (<div>, <iframe>, <table>, etc.) that's too narrow. This means that ads might not be displaying properly on some or all devices, and you could be missing out on ad revenue.

Responsive ad units work by using the width of the ad unit’s parent container to calculate the size of ad to show. If the width of the parent container is less than 125px, then even our smallest ad won't be able to fit in the available space."

Any idea how to fix this? I am using the ad manager addon and have the ad in the sidebar bottom template. If this is an issue with the addon and not xenforo, please let me know and I'll contact them.


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I don't know how the add-on works so can't comment but in general you need to make sure you're using the correct responsive ad code for the template and page in question.

That may mean using conditional statements to determine whether a sidebar is present or not, based on the page and viewport width, as well as the specific ad code.