XF 1.5 Side panel links are not clickable in Google Chrome


Very odd - in Google Chrome, all of the side panel links (big button to sign up now, new posts, new profile posts, etc.) are not clickable as links, nor can I highlight any of that text.

When I "inspect element" via Chrome, the entire side panel goes below all of the forums, and becomes active, demonstrating proper behavior with clickable links. Also, making the Chrome window narrow enough to make the adaptable layout move the side panel to the bottom of the forum yield correction of behavior, making all the links appropriately clickable.

This problem is not observed in Internet Explorer. I have turned on/off some of the simple add-ons I have running to no avail. Also, just upgraded to the latest version - 1.5.11 and same problem. Was on 1.5.8 initially.

Note that this version is the premium version with Xenforo branding removed, wonder if that may have some to do with this odd behavior.
On Xenforo.com, all functions as intended on Google Chrome.

Overall seems like a bug affecting the adaptive layout for variable screen widths.