XF 1.5 Links not clickable in the sidebar after upgrade to Safari 10.0


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A while ago a user reported that he was not able to click on the links any more for recent posts in the sidebar. He recently upgraded to Safari 10.0 on a machine running on OS X 10.12. Actually when I try clicking the links in the sidebar myself on my PC (Google Chrome 55.0.2883.87) it does not work. Firefox works just fine. Is this a known bug?

Currently my forum is at version 1.5.4.

Thanks in advance for any guidance on this one.


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Does it all work in a default style with add-ons disabled?

I suspect the issue is due to your custom style or some other customisation you have made.


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I enabled and switched to the default style in Chrome on my PC. Then it started working again. The conclusion is that the problem is in the style I'm using right now I guess?


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The error is not visible in Safari or Chrome on iOS 10.2.

Maybe @Arty knows? I'm using the Basic style. Can't find the version number but I can see that the style is compatible with Xenforo up to version 1.5.5.